Electricians Could Strike in Defence of Pay

Electrical Contractors ImageAccording to a report in the Irish examiner, 6500 electricians could go on strike over pay and cause major disruption. According to the Union which represents electricians ”The Technical Engineering and Electrical Union ” it claims that employers nationwide are planning to reduce pay on a step by step basis.This all stems from a Judgement made in May 2013 which held that an REA or a registered employment agreement was unconstitutional as these agreements were used to set the guidelines on pay and working conditions in the past.

According to the article, there has been some negotiations on an ongoing basis however some of these talks have broken down with no agreement in sight but some talks are still continuing  with the electrical contractors association (ECA). However it would appear that the current position from the ECA is to advise its members to negotiate directly with their employees on a solution.

You can read the full text of the article here